Place a THOR - AIR 828 ( Ø 8) in a Ø 7 mm drillhole in the moldwall and replace it after each cycle. One filter will cover a moldvolume up to 45 gallons (200 litres), a bigger mold volume will require an appropriate bigger ventfilter.

Specially the easy handling and the low costs make this a very attractive system.

The advantages of the new method are:

1. Easy handling

2. Quick change
3. More or less no waste
4. One way use
5. Large permeable to air even with small area

6. Due to the fact that the filter at the optionally recycling degrades to dust, it is possible to grout without any concern and can be used directly. Expensive termo recycling isn´t applicable.

7. Non toxic
8. Ideal air passing between double/ multiple moulds
9. In the case the work-piece needed to be blown up it is possible to do that easily with a pointy injector straight into the THOR - AIR venting filter. That works perfectly due to the fact that the filter also works as a seal. Therefore more controlled inflation.
10. The greatest advantage is the unbeatable price!
Should you have any questions referring to this, we are always there for you!

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